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Landlord Representation

We create a customized and comprehensive approach to branding your property, using market-driven data to analyze the competition and properly position your property to stand out.


The key to our services is our unique approach to property marketing and branding with our expert in-house marketers. We know that every property tells a story, which is why we customize our marketing not just to each landlord, but to each building. With our resources and local connections, you do not have to navigate the real estate market alone. We can create a tactical plan for your property together.

Branding and Positioning

We work with you to create a branding strategy that positions your property to stand out within its current market. Our in-house marketers have the expertise to help you tell the story of what the building is, and what it could be. Your strategy will be based on market conditions, including the economy, deal points, market forces, tenant activity and workplace changes.

Other marketing services include:

  • Professional and up-to-date marketing materials including brochures and offering memorandums
  • Thoughtful prospect contacts, including proprietary mailing lists and targeted companies that are currently in the market
  • Frequent, directed electronic marketing tools and social media posts
  • Prominent and professionally designed signage
  • In-house drone and photo services

Audience Targeting

We take a proactive and focused approach to target the right people for your property. By analyzing the market, we determine what type of tenant may be interested in the space to market to them directly. We also analyze tenant profiles within the building for possible complementary tenant mixes.

Leveraging Logistics

While the big picture of your property is important, we do not lose sight of helping you tackle those day-to-day logistical details that keep the property running — and your long-term goals for the property to keep improving it.

Here is how we can help:

  1. Oversight of the lease proposal process with our proprietary documentation
  2. Close consideration of the type of lease and ideal term for today’s market conditions
  3. Working with your property manager to make certain your long-term investment strategies are addressed
  4. An amenity discussion – existing amenities vs. amenities that are popular today
  5. Initial review of abstracts for existing leases
  6. Explanation of leasing costs, build-out costs, floorplan consultations, etc.
  7. Access to our in-house construction and property management services

Meet the Landlord Representation Team