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In-House Marketing

Best-in-class marketing services differentiate you from other companies. With Buncher Realty Services, all your marketing is done in-house by our experts.


Your property’s story has just begun. You need a team who not only knows marketing, but also understands your property’s history, its best features, and its potential. A team who truly sees who you are and your vision for your property’s future. Our boutique real estate brokerage services are unique because of our expert in-house marketing team, which is available to every client who lists with us.

A Nimble Team

We are responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to you and your property. Whether you are looking to sell or lease, our flexible team knows how to research the market, develop a distinctive brand, and position your property to the right people. We walk you through how to find a tenant, investigate demographics of who may want to lease, and conduct market surveys for targeted reach.

Some of our marketing services include:

  • Best-in-class marketing strategy, messaging strategy, and design strategy for all materials
  • Professional materials including brochures, offer agreements and memorandums that remain up-to-the-minute with the changing landscape of commercial real estate
  • Frequent and targeted electronic marketing tools and social media posts
  • Prominent and professionally designed signage
  • Relationship with local publications to help create a strong digital footprint and better market properties

In-House Drone and Photo Services

What makes us different? With Buncher Realty Services, you get drone and photo services as part of our overall marketing package. No extra costs, no outsourcing, no third parties. We will go out to the property for high-quality exterior and interior footage and photos for your marketing materials.

And since this is all done in-house, it will be driven by your brand strategy and capture exactly what we need. On the back end, we also assist with video formatting to best showcase your property. The best part? It can all be done in just a few days.

Up-to-Date Listings

When you are looking to sell or lease a property, you do not want to lose a potential tenant because of an outdated listing. Our team handles all updates to online listings promptly when any aspect of your property changes, such as square footage, new amenities and market fluctuations. From our own website to platforms and their affiliates such as CoStar, LoopNet, and Crexi, our simultaneous update process ensures consistent marketing and property details across all online assets.

Meet the In-House Marketing Team

Mishelle Jarosz

Coordinator, Real Estate Services
(412) 422-9900 ext. 265 Pittsburgh, PA